Few days active tourVolcanoes Mutnovsky and Gorely, and Dachniye Hot Springs

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Duration3 days / 2 nights
Price40 000 RUB ?

Meals: cooking in the camp

Difficulty: suitable for tourists of any physical training

Period: July – September

In three days we will cover all the main tourist places in the area of the Mutnovsko-Gorelaya group of volcanoes. Two days will be devoted to volcanoes Gorely and Mutnovsky: we will enjoy the variety of their craters and watch the life of the most active volcano in Kamchatka — Mutnovsky, with our own eyes: we will see gas emission, fumaroles, boiling pots, vapor trails and visit a picturesque Dangerous Canyon with a 80 meters high waterfall. On the third day we will visit an active fumarole field — Dachniye Hot Springs, which are also called the Mini Valley of Geysers among the people because of its resemblance to pulsating geysers.

Tour program

Day 1

Climbing the Gorely Volcano
The Dangerous Canyon

The drive to the footstep of the Gorely Volcano takes 3 hours and lies over the Vilyuchinsky Pass from where one can enjoy a charming view of Vilyuchinsky and Mutnovsky volcanoes and the valley of the Paratunka River.

Before ascending we drink tea and get instructions. Climb to the top along stoned lava flows which formed a convenient trail. Ascending to the crater takes 3 hours. After a light snack at the top of the volcano we start observing the craters of the Gorely volcano.

At the camp there will be hot dinner waiting for you, after which we will visit the Dangerous Canyon to feel the power of 80 meter high waterfall and take wonderful photos.

After that we move to the bottom of the Mutnovsky Volcano (about one hour drive), set the camp, enjoy hot tea and rest.

Day 2

Climbing the Mutnovsky Volcano

The ascent to the crater is simple: it takes 2–3 hours and fits tourists of any physical training. On the way, we stop to have a rest, look at landscapes, admire volcanoes Gorely, Opala and Asacha, towering in the distance.

Passing through the tectonic fault we get to the crater. We look at fumarole grounds, a gas pillar of 1000 m height, an azure lake, the "Active funnel” crater. The slopes are full of colors: acid yellow sulfur deposits, black and red mudpots, white steam clouds and sky-blue glaciers!

Day 3

Dachniye Hot Springs
Return to the city

After breakfast we pack up and break camp. Soon we will drive to the last stop of our route — to Dachniye Springs, which are situated at the south-eastern bottom of Skalistaya Hill near the Mutnovsky Volcano.

Another name of the springs is the Mini Valley of Geysers. Actually the Mini Valley of Geysers is an active fumarole field. Hot gas from the ground heats cold water of a mountain brook, it results in fountains of water and steam. They really seem like erupting geysers and it has led to the appearance of the second name of that place.

Short and easy walk will bring us to a ravine, on the wide slopes of which terms are scattered for one kilometer.

After having returned to our cars we have a snack and head back to the city.

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