One day tourThe Mutnovsky Volcano and the Dangerous Canyon

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Duration13 hours
Price15 000 RUB ?

Meals: half board: lunch and dinner

Difficulty: suitable for tourists of any physical training

Period: July – September

Meeting of participants: at our office 20 minutes before departure

Trasnfer: for an additional fee we can arrange transfer from the hotel, ask for details when booking the tour

The Mutnovsky is an active volcano in the south of Kamchatka and one of the most active. Its height is 2322 m. The volcano consists of four craters with a diameter of up to 2 km, formed by ancient explosions. Everybody can visit the crater, there is no need in special physical training. During the tour we will observe the volcanic activity: see gas blowout, bubbling pots, columns of steam, as well as visit the 80 m height waterfall!

Tour program


Meeting of participants

We meet at the appointed place with the rest of the group, check the gear and take the journey. For an additional fee we can arrange transfer from the hotel, ask for details when booking the tour.

Transfer to the foot of the volcano and back by specially prepared off-road vehicles. The road runs through the Vilyuchinsky mountain pass, which offers stunning views of the Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky volcanoes and the valley of the Paratunka river.


Arrival to the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano
Start of ascending

Before ascending we drink tea and get instructions. The ascent to the crater is simple: it takes 2–3 hours and fits tourists of any physical training. You will see everything worth seeing without climbing to the top of the volcano, as the largest and most beautiful crater is located at a height of 1600 meters – a little above the middle of the slope.

On the way, we stop to have a rest, look at landscapes, admire volcanoes Gorely, Opala and Asacha, towering in the distance.


Excursion into the crater

Passing through the tectonic fault we get to the crater. We look at fumarole grounds, a gas pillar of 1000 m height, the "Active funnel” crater. The slopes are full of colors: acid yellow sulfur deposits, black and red mudpots, white steam clouds and sky-blue glaciers! We enjoy the views and have lunch.


Trekking to the waterfall in the Dangerous canyon

On the way back we come to the Dangerous canyon. The canyon is located in the Vulkannaya river valley, flowing through the fault of the northern crater. The river rushes on the former lava channel and falls from a height of 80 meters forming a waterfall. We take pictures and return to the base camp.


Departure to the city

Travel time — 3,5 hours.

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